The DHOW concept originated with the construction of The Zanzibari Hotel in Zanzibar when the two founding partners decided to create completely original fittings and furniture from the environment in which they found themselves.

So was born an experimental workshop that brought together Tanzanian carpenters and began to work with reclaimed hard woods from the old dhows. These were then developed into tables, beds, doors, frames, sofas and even a complete dhow bar. The demand for these products was immediate, and after completion of the hotel,orders began coming in from other hotels and private homes.
community support


Sustainability and support in the local community

Currently our workshop in Nungwi on the north coast of Zanzibar has 25 specialized workers who only use reclaimed wood from the old dhows and ngalawas from all over the island. All work takes place in accordance with the ethical interests of the workers and consideration for the environment.

DHOW has a local shop in Stone Town which offers both small objects such as sugar bowls, mirrors and lamps through to large pieces such as four poster beds, dining room tables and cupboards. We also have a showroom for Europe in Lindau, Germany which handles distribution for Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and surrounding European countries.

DHOW promotes working in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. In fact all of our materials come exclusively from the Zanzibar local region and all wood is reclaimed from abandoned and disused boats. No tree is ever cut down to make any of the products you will find in our collection. The carpenters, all Tanzanians, have an excellent level of pay, almost twice the average working wage. We see the export of these manufactured goods as a way of promoting the “Made in Zanzibar” concept throughout the world and in the process creating many job opportunities within the local community.